All About Joseki  

Author: Mingjiu Jiang and Guo Juan
ISBN: 1-9320012-2-0
Pages: 114

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    The book uses a series of amateur games to illustrate issues about joseki,
established corner play sequences. In the first part, mistakes in joseki
sequences are analyzed and corrected, while in the second part the problem of
choosing the correct joseki for the board situation is the focus. The aim is to
help players understand what joseki are all about: why particular joseki take
the forms they do, and why some joseki work better in particular situations
than others do.

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Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes

Author: Mingjiu Jiang and Adam Miller
ISBN: 1-9320011-4-X
Pages: 120

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Code: GB 0401

   A study of joseki mistakes in amateur games. In the process of explaining
why these mistakes are mistakes, and how to take advantage of them, Mr.Jiang
provides an excellent way to learn the correct sequences in a number of common
joseki--by understanding the purpose of the correct moves.
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