Ing's Goe Internet Class

Ing's Goe Internet Class

Mr. Ing Chang-Ki
was one of Taiwan's most successful industrialists. He spent his entire life promoting weiqi around the world. He created the Ing rules. In 1988, he started the first and largest worldwide professional tournament. He has given huge financial support for western players and organizations, and the foundation he created has continued to do so. He supports a worldwide tournament for talented children and teens.Lecture location: On KGS. The lecture room will be: Ing's Goe Internet Class.

To promote WeiQi world wide.

Ing's Goe Foundation.

Every Sunday, starting again from February 5th, 2012

GMT+1: 15:30--17:00
Pacific (PST): 07:30--09:00
Eastern (EST): 10:30--12:00
European (CET): 16:30--18:00
China : 23:30--01:00
Japan : 00:30 (next day)--02:00
Korea : 00:30 (next day)--02:00
Jujo Jiang 9P, Mingjiu Jiang 7P and Juan Guo 5P

Cost: Free.